Simulator gets slower and slower

  • I've found it quite helpful lately to use the simulator to work on new code before deploying to live. Particularly the ability to create arbitrary objects speeds this process up immensely.

    However, the simulator seems to have some performance issues:

    1. Can we get the max speed increased more than 5 ticks/s?
    2. It seems that having text in the console (e.g. console.log) slows it to a crawl. Clearing the console speeds it up again.
    3. It gets slower and slower over time. I suspect there is some sort of memory leak.

    In case it is relevant, I am using Chrome 64 on Linux.


  • @systemparadox The 'over time' slowdown appears related to the GUI actually, as hitting the ⚙ icon in the upper-right and just hitting 'OK' to restart the GUI thread speeds things right back up again as a workaround at least. But yeah there's some kind of bug causing it to slow down over time. Happens with both the Legacy/SVG and the newer WebGL GUI.

    Also instead of worrying about >5 ticks/second just manually upgrade the RCL and place a mixture of completed extensions and construction points. Once you know the basic code loop works, skip over the 'grindy' bits in the Simulation mode. 🙂

  • Dev Team

    We've just deployed a patch addressing a memory leak in the new WebGL renderer. If anyone is interested in testing this, please report whether it changed something for you.

  • Thanks. It's definitely improved - I'm not noticing the same slowdown over time. Having text in the console still seems to cause a big performance hit though. I also still can't manage more than about 2 ticks/s even in an empty room. I'm not sure if it's the renderer or the processor that's the bottleneck here.

  • Hello,

    I know this issue is quite old and marked as solved, but it isn't solved for me. I have the exact same issue. The simulator slows down and down, clearing the text in the console help to get a little faster, and after a while, doing what @WolfWings said to get the simulator back to speed works.

    I have this problem in chrome, but also with the steam client. I think this issue is not quite resolved. Thanks for your help 🙂