IVM - PTR - Error, could not find an object with ID

  • I believe this started happening after a creep died, likely a new creep was scheduled to start spawning. This is running on Shard 1 on the PTR

    Error: Could not find an object with ID 5ab24757d06c682273e56812
        at data (:36311:19)
        at Object.get [as spawning] (eval at exports.defineGameObjectProperties (:1121:9), :6:68)
        at Object.exports.defineGameObjectProperties.obj.toJSON (:1140:29)
        at JSON.stringify ()
        at global._init.global._start (:29412:45)
        at ()
        at make (/opt/ivm/engine/dist/core/runtime/make.js:243:31)

  • Dev Team

    This happens when you're trying to invoke methods of a Tombstone.creep, like Tombstone.creep.move(). It is not allowed. See here for more info.

  • @artch Is the tombstone spawned with the same id as the original creep, perhaps the code I had to run the creep tried to continue treating it as a creep then? I don't have any code that deals with tombstones. Also, since this error is apparently being thrown from outside my code, I'm not certain how I could catch or remedy it, I resolved it by pushing my code again in the end..

  • Dev Team

    They have different IDs. PTR is not on the latest game engine version currently by the way, so it may be some old bug.


  • Culture

    Since PTR is still on an older version, it may still have the bug where Tombstone.creep.toString() throws the error too, if you are using console.log or something on Tombstone.creep that can trigger this (This is already fixed in later versions)