Shard1 is down (URGENT)

  • The game tick appears to be frozen in shard1, preventing any player from moving or executing actions with their script.

    EDIT: Ticks are still occuring, but AIs are not being allowed to execute. If this isn't fixed in the next 1000 ticks, most AIs in shard1 will suffer serious damage due to mass creep dieoffs.

    EDIT2: This bug appears to only affect IVM users. A workaround would be to disable IVM for all users until the issue is fixed, to switch users back to the default runtime so their script can execute.

  • Keep calm and don't panic.
    Besides, this issue should already be known and the IVM use is still beta experimental so it is our risk anyway.

    And even if all your creep die, it is only a minor setback, a very annoying one but still a minor.
    Worst case scenario: Your Spawn generates up 300 E that is more than enough to restart your entire colony.

  • I mean, yes my AI has rebuilding plans, but that still takes an incredibly long time to rebuild from.

  • Dev Team

    Thanks for reporting, but we constantly monitor shards status, and have notification system in place. No need to create such topics.