• This has been resolved.

  • Culture

    For the record I officially support the MIT license, and the fact that this license was not attached was an oversight during the creation of the git repository. The project was always meant to be "officially" open source.

    Unfortunately intentions have no legal standing, and since people made contributions to the repository without a license we can't legally change the license until we get their permission. To do so we are having all contributors sign off on this pull request with the license file.

    With regards to hosting, the LoAN Admin Team (bovius, dormando, nhahno, esryok) has a plan in place should the existing setup not work. If I ever get hit by a bus and die horribly, any of those four people can grab a backup of the site and restore it. Backups are taken nightly, and anyone who wants to can also back up the "alliances.js" file (there's already a feature built that lets you restore from that alliance.js file, as we use that to populate development servers).

    A few final notes:

    1. Karl volunteered to do the leg work, then yelled at me for being a hypocrite when I told him I did not have time to do the legwork. This is one of the many reasons why he is banned from interacting with people in the #loan channel. If you see him claiming I'm blocking this just remember that I could have easily refused to sign of on the copyright change right from the start, but instead i've been supportive right up to the point where people are calling for forced labor on my behalf. Like most of the people here I have a life outside of screeps, and frankly if every time I make something open source it results in people mistreating me I'm just going to stop doing it.

    2. We are always looking for more contributors, particularly those who are looking to contribute actual code and features (as opposed to just drama). There are lots of things people want to see out of this site, but not a lot of people adding to it. 

    3. To me the biggest benefit of resolving this pull request and licensing is to make it easier for people to comfortably host their own private league website for their own private servers. If that is something you are interested in please feel free to work on features that make it easier. I can also commit here on not sending you a DMCA notice if you set it up, despite the license issues not being resolved yet.

  • Robert, the Slack admins have asked us to not discuss this publicly.