Isolated-VM not executing code during slowdown?

  • Shard 2 was experiencing some issues this afternoon taking well over 10s to execute each tick. During this time I noticed that a few of the creeps my neighbor has been consistently sending at me were not dying in the same space as usual, so I peeked back through my room history to see how he had snuck around my defenses.

    As it turns out, I had no defenses. In fact, I had no code executing AT ALL. My CPU usage was at 0, my console was devoid of errors, and enemy creeps were still moving around in my room.

    I decided to switch back to Shared-VM from the new Isolated-VM runtime on a whim, and BAM, my room was up and running again.

    A particularly bad stutter:!/history/shard2/E8S14?t=4056180

    When I changed back to Shared-VM:!/history/shard2/E8S14?t=4056350

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    @Periosa There are currently some issues related to isolated-vm.
    We are actively working on fixing this issue.

    You can join our slack to get up to date messages about the current state (you can join the #ivm channel to see details of what's happening).
    Please beware that the isolated-vm feature is still in the experimental fase and might cause issues like you described earlier.

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