Creeps not zoning when on zone line

  • This occurred on shard0. Several creeps were pathing into a room making their way onto the zone line and standing on it but the game wouldn't zone them through to the other side. I've never seen this before and suspect it has to do with how most of the zones are closed down around this room and/or possibly how it is on the edge of the shard world.

    The pathing code that I had followed a room to room path (not calculating the full pos to pos path) and thus attempted to enter into this room from the middle of the zone.

    I will try entering from other room entrances later.

    Here is a replay link of the issue occurring:!/history/shard0/E25S89?t=23481285

  • Dev Team

    Thank you for reporting. This room had invalid configuration in the database, it is now fixed.