Battery Drain

  • Half bug half feature request - my laptop can run Civ6 longer than it can run screeps 😉 Can we get a client side frame limit added to the render options?


  • Dev Team

    Could you please provide more details:

    • your client, OS and GPU
    • display settings
    • a screenshot with renderer metrics

  • Its not so much an unexpected behavior as it seems to be a result of running at full 60 FPS when screeps wouldn't really require it all the time. Giving the gpu & cpu more idle time by (optionally) limiting to a lower fps would save a ton of power.

    OSX (unknown GPU), Windows (GTX 1080), Windows (Some mobile chipset), Windows (GTX 1080), Windows (GeForce 780)

    screen shot with metrics + settings , similar on all machines


  • I am also be very interested in a fps limit option. I would like to set it quite low for saving laptop battery life (the metrics say I am getting around 50 fps). The WebGL did not reduce the power needs of screeps as I hoped it would. It looks great though 😉

    The settings I should choose for optimal performance would also very much interest me. But that will only help with the fps limit option I suppose.

    I am using the steam client with MacOS Sierra and a Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB. 0_1516442926323_Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-20 um 11.07.18.png