Code branch per shard

  • Currently, we have a code branch for sim, and a code branch for world. With the very soon to exist shard system, it would be very helpful to have a code branch for each shard as well.


    What we do on our primary shard, could be quite different than what we do with a small colony on a different shard. 

  • Culture

    After discussion with doctorzuber I have to agree.

    I've long lamented the fact that I can't write a 10cpu codebase, because of the rules against multi accounting. This would give me that chance: I'd be able to run a different codebase on a shard that I've only allocated 10CPU to, and bam, I get to enjoy that challenge.

    Right now it's possible to do this to some extent through some require magic - but it would be nicer to be able to set a branch and upload to it, I think.

  • Culture

    Same here, I would love to work on my new rewrite on official while also running the old codebase, with shards, I would be able to just send a claimer over and let the new codebase take it from there.