Survival game broken, can't quit

  • My survival game seems to be broken. Time isn't passing, there's no log output, and no code is being executed. When first load the game (by clicking Play from the Survival screen with the high-score list), I see the room as I left it, the only panels on the right are Display Options and Cursor, and the bottom panel is missing. After about 20 seconds, the bottom panel appears, as does the Survival Mode panel on the right. However, when I click "Finish game," I get a little animation at the top of the window and nothing else happens. The game does not end, and I can't start a new game.

  • Update: I can now start a new Survival game, and it seems to be working normally... except the Memory seems to be preserved from before. Shouldn't it clear out the memory when I start a new game?

  • Update 2: aaaand now I'm back to the original problem. I'll just find something else to do for a day or two while you guys sort this out.

  • try refreshing your browser with every new game

  • I'm having the exact same problem. Logging out and then back in does not help. I even tried restarting my computer. Sometimes, as I'm leaving the survival screen, it'll show a message with my score on it. This only happens with the survival mode ran on the server.

  • Dev Team

    What browser and OS do you use?

  • Windows 7, Google Chrome (Version 42.0.2311.135 m)

  • Dev Team

    OK, we've figured it out. Some server-side game engine runtime services were down. This must be fixed now. Thank you for reporting.