Are sources under Source Keeper worth fighting for?

  • Basically that's the question. I have a room with bunch of sources, some of which are protected by source keeper.

    Is it worth trying to monitor source keeper activity and constantly kill new spawns and risk workers?
    Or is it better to just ignore these sources and move to another room?

    Other general question: Is there a way to destroy Source keeper layer?

  • Easiest answer first:

    can the source kepper lair be destroyed: no

    Is it worth?

    If you do it right, you have the energy from the source + the energy dropped by the source keeper without any significant energy spendings. However, for the beginning i would suggest you to ignore those sources and come back to this later.

  • You can protect your workers by building ramparts on their work positions and the locations carriers await their pickup turn(or have them wait outside the attack range of the keeper). If you wall in the keeper into its lair you can in certain cases(but not all since walls/ramparts will not prevent ranged attacks from passing over them) avoid fighting it completely. So you only have to murder it to death while constructing/repairing the walls.

    In the other cases it is advisable to have plenty of ramparts around it in which guards can stand to fight it. They won't get hit as long as they're within a rampart and like Chris said, if you kill it on a tile other than its lair you can collect the energy the keeper drops too.

  • Nicely summed up, Toolmaker! One addition: You can collect the energy even if it's on the lair.

  • The only problem im seeing here, is that these rooms that are loaded with source keepers, seem to be missing controllers. I havent looked at tons of these rooms, but it seems to me that these rooms are forced neutral.