Popout Coding not working

  • After the branching update, no code modifications I make in the popout code browser will update when the commit key is hit. Normally, the default branch displays World, and the dev branch displays sim. when i add new code. the default branch displays world and sim. and when i commit the code, it doesn't update in the main browser at all. And after then next refresh, it reverts to before changes. all changes in the in game scripting work find. Just the popout doesn't update.

  • Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open the external editor
    2. Do some changes in the external editor
    3. Save in external editor
    4. Confirm changes are updated in the main editor
    5. Do some changes in the main editor
    6. Save in main editor
    7. Confirm changes are updated in the external editor


    All changes should sync with all editors


    Changes saved in main editor updates external editors as expected.
    Changes saved in external editor doesn't update in main editor, which isn't working as expected.

  • I'm experiencing same problem.

  • Dev Team

    Thanks for reporting, fixed.

  • Thank you.