Better Simulation Errors.

  • Errors in simulation mode are at times vague, and at others completely meaningless.
    For example, an error telling me "Cannot read property 'pos' of undefined" doesn't help me at all if it doesn't tell me where the error is.
    Inside the game on the other hand, this problem doesn't exist, as the error messages are a lot more informative. I was wondering if you could "update" the simulation mode to have the same error message information as the /live/ game.

    in addition, in simulation mode room control level doesn't work correctly. It is possible to place roads at room level 1.

  • Dev Team

    Error stack traces in the Simulation mode are fully dependent on your browser output, because your script is executed by your browser only.

  • Essentially, what you are describing is a problem with javascript (and the javascript engine). I agree it is an issue (for errors in game as well) but somebody thought javascript was a good idea and here we are.

  • How do you get better error messages then?

  • How do you get better error messages then? 

    You can't. Or well, you may try an other browser.

    But what really can improve your bug fixing experience is to use the debugger. Most current browsers offer a debugging tool, commonly you can open it hitting F12 or have a look in the options. 

    You can also set "break points" by writing  
    within your code.
    The browser's debugger will halt at that location and you can step through your code. 

  • What do you mean you cant? I dont believe that for a second. If the server is capable of producing linted error output and stack traces then it is possible to produce linted output and stack traces for anything in javascript. Sure it might not be as trivial as clicking a tick box in some settings somewhere, but damn it, were all programmers here, and if we really "cant" do this then humanity is lost.

    What has to happen to get it in the steam version?