Make CLAIM part more useful, add boosts!

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    It would be cool if we could boost the CLAIM part efficiency.

    This can be done in multiple ways.


    Current problem:



    Currently it costs 9750 energy to build a creep with 15 claim and 15 move parts. This gets extremely costly extremly fast, without a possibility to boost this kind of behavour.

    With the recent upgradeController boost (3 tiles away) it has become even harder to defend against the "1 tick recapture".



    Possible ideas to balance downgrading of rooms:


    • Make CLAIM boostable by combining ("catalyzed utrium acid"  + "catalyzed ghodium acid"), this is expensive to make and has the same result
    • Make CLAIM available from 3 tiles away, like upgradeController
    • Don't let upgradeController fully upgrade back to 100% if the CLAIM part has been used on it.



    Any other ideas are more than welcome.

  • At least it should be so that if you lose two levels on the controller, it will only reset it to the one above it. E.g. if you let your controller slip to level 1, it should be restored to level 2 and not 8.

    Edit: Dissi explained why that's not a good idea: GCL boosting by letting your room downgrade to level 7 and bringing it back up to 8 over and over.

  • somewhat related, the docs say this about dismantling: 

    "If applied to a hostile controller, decreases its downgrade or reservation timer depending on the CLAIM body parts count (with the minimum of 5 parts)"

    ...kinda makes it sound as if with 5 CLAIM, the timer would decrease by 5, with 6 by 6, etc. might need some rephrasing.