show 50 units while right panel for creep clearly show it is not carrying anything

  • I have a harvester creep that is supposed to gather energy when it is not carrying any energy. This code was working before but the creep grew old and died while its inventory was pretty much full and a new one replaced it. The new creep's energy value (screep.carry.enery) is now returning 50 at all times. As such my harvester is constantly trying to tranfer energy it does not have to other creeps. I have tried the drop commands and would like an explanation as to why it is behaving as such.

  • Dev Team

    Could you please provide some screenshots of this behavior?

  • Just fixed the problem. I was accidentally setting that value to 50 earlier and I guess the system resets back to the correct value in between loop calls. 

  • uh.. yea.. you should never set those values yourself. whats the point in that? 

  • Moderately surprised it even allowed him to modify that property.