Is there any way to remove other player construction sites from reserved room?

  • I cannot attack it and after look at dismantle document, I think it doesn't not work either.

    It not a problem for now but if I need to build road in that place, I cannot.

  • Walk over it and it should dissapear

  • Maybe ... not try but :

    creep.pos.findClosestByPath( FIND_HOSTILE_CONSTRUCTION_SITE );

    then creep attack it ?


    EDIT : but ... like FIND_MY_* i'm not sure if you can get neutral structures 😕

  • Thanks Heilos, as you said just walk over it and it disappear. Is there anything like that that I cannot find in document? I also noticed that creep.upgradeController can be used with withdraw to make continuous upgrading. But I cannot do it with withdraw + transfer even in simultaneous action page list them the same as dependent methods. upgradeController+withdraw combination work but transfer+withdraw doesn't work.

  • I don't think it's documented anywhere that you can destroy enemy construction sites by walking over it. I found it out only by accident.


    To withdraw+transfer+upgrade: It should work in principle, but I haven't tried it yet. However, as I understand it, you cannot transfer the withdrawn energy in the same tick. You can only transfer the energy you had at the beginning of the tick.



    "Simultaneously executed methods using CARRY body part don't affect each other. Each of them has the amount of energy available in the beginning of the tick."

  • I re-discovered the "enemy walking over a construction site destroys it" mechanism mentioned here by Heilos.

    Do you think the Devs could document this somewhere such as on the Construction Site API document page, or something? Opine on as to whether it is intended behavior?


  • This no longer works.

    Yeah, necro.  Pretty annoying though.