Lowering marekt fee for subscription tokens only

  • I'm thinking on purchasing subscription token (for $$$) and selling it on market, but if i want to place order i will need a lot of credits for that, so actually im not able to do that, so maybe decrease it to 1%?

    Or... make sell order for ST free, and leave 5% on buy orders?

    I think it will make easier for new players to sell tokens => more $$$ for You :)

  • Dev Team

    If you don't have credits, you should execute a deal for another player's buy order, you will not be charged a fee this way.

  • I know that, i actually made some credits, but if i want sell ST for let say 3,000,000 i need 150,000 credits which can be high for beginning players thus holding them from pumping money in yours game :)

  • I'd argue having a barrier to flooding the market with subscription tokens is a good thing. Selling subscription tokens will already bring huge profits and I'd rather dummy accounts with plenty of money backing them shouldn't be able to buy their way to victory until they've at least built up some starting capital.

  • If you can't afford the 5% to put the subscription token, I think it's very unlikely that someone could afford your subscription token as of now.

    To get the initial money, just mine all your minerals and sell them to the NPCs, except catalyst, for which there is actually some demand by the players. This should give you the credits to list your order easily.

  • I was able to make around 700k in a day just selling 3 rooms of mineral storage to NPCs.  Granted I had a lot of backup to clear. With out that backup  i might have taken a week or two. Point being if your trying to make the credits to start your GTS empire, a couple of weeks seems worth the effort,