Question: what happens to my spawn if I abandon my controller?

  • Hi

    I have a question if u can help me plz.

    I do not have enough GCL to occupy a new room, while I would like to control a better room.

    I was thinking, what will happen to my controlled room if I uncontrol it and migrate to a new room.

    will my spawn, towers, extension in the old room still work without a controller?


  • If you drop below the Room Controller Level required for a building, that building will turn red and cease to function

  • How do I reactivate those buildings? My extensions turned red because the controller level dropped. I raised it again but the structures are still red.

  • Buildings are ok now, I had to relog into the client. Seems to be a bug that they don't reactivate while the game is running and the controller level comes back up.