Community servers list

  • I have a dedicated server running 24/7.


    Port: 21025

    No password, everyone welcome.

    Vanilla server, no mods. Port forwarding setup etc, so should work fine, but if issues etc, email me:


  • Server: I'm doing my best to keep it up and running 24/7 but may have some downtime due to configurations and its not super high end equipment either 





  • 7/29/2017: I am sorry to report that this server is down. I am attempting to recover the files and set it up again on a new server. I appreciate those who came to play on it, and I am sorry for disappointing.

    Having issues with the slowdown of ticks on this server. Its a pretty beefy linux box, but I cant seem to get it working right. I've mostly given up on it, but Ill leave it running as long as I can.

    I don't know much about modding this game yet, and I don't have any automation set to expand the map. Its currently the default size map.

    Port 21025

    Contact me about server issues at

  • alt text

    Finally back up! Running on my dedicated Raspberry Pi!

    Running a server at normal tick speed, default map, no bots.

    • Host:
    • Port: 21025
    • Room history is enabled

    For help contact me on Discord: Hey It's Paul!#0751

    Additional note: I said I'd get this up and running by the end of the year, and I sure did!

  • Feel free to join @

    Pretty decent hardware, snappy server @ 1 tick per second.

    Auth Mod, Expanded Map, History Enabled.


    Msg me in slack or join #az-tsrx-open-server channel.


  • Hostname:

    Password: none, there isn't one, empty.

    Post: default

    CPU time: 100, but willing to adjust.

    Tickrate: 1 update per second.

    Come join the fun 😜



    More fast and more power, start with 100 cores.



  • New server with no mods.

    default port: 21025

    there is no password on the server at this time.

  • IP:

    HTTPS API, Random Portals & PowerBanks!

    CPU depends on your GCL

    Happy creeping 🙂

  • Address:

    Server parameters:

    Screeps server configuration: stock, no password, 24/7

    CPU: 4x Xeon 3GHz

    Memory: 2GB