Issues with invaders and SK's on private servers

  • On private servers currently, Invaders and Source Keepers do not perform any actions, and trying to check their owner.username results in errors about undefined having no username property, even if first checking if .owner returns truthy. The first problem may be caused by the second, but that I do not know.

  • Dev Team

    You seem to have no user records for these NPC users. They must look like this:

    > storage.db.users.find({$or: [{_id: '2'}, {_id: '3'}]})
    [ { _id: '2',
        username: 'Invader',
        usernameLower: 'invader',
        gcl: 0,
        cpu: 0,
        active: 1,
        cpuAvailable: 10000},
      { _id: '3',
        username: 'Source Keeper',
        usernameLower: 'source keeper',
        gcl: 0,
        cpu: 0,
        active: 1,
        cpuAvailable: 10000} ]

    You may run tools.resetAllData() or add them manualy.

  • Thank you very much, hopefully we'll get it to work now. 🙂