New structure for targeted room->room resource distribution.

  • CoPS

    With the current setup, if I want to distribute resources through my rooms, I have to use terminals and pay distribution costs which (especially for moving energy) are rather high. If a room that I am trying to RCL boost has very low energy, then it can be very hard for me to buy energy on the market, regardless of the number of credits I have, due to distribution costs.

    A new structure, similar to a terminal, which can only move resources to/from a single paired structure in another room would be a cool way to address this. Instead of paying for the distribution costs, it instead could have a maximum throughput (e.g. 5 resource per tick). Basically a Nydus Canal ( brood war) but for resources only.

    This makes strategies such as claiming a distant room adjacent to source keepers that has the sole purpose of mining and sending energy back to the main bases (or root controller?) more viable and potentially offsets the disadvantages that distributed empires would have if root controllers are implemented.