Include pos: RoomPosition in result of

  • I'm currently coding around this little wrinkle.

    The implementation of and its behavior regarding goal position and range means that there will always be an ambiguity if two goals only have a single square between them.

    If the user is trying to differentiate between targets within 1 square of each other the lack of position in the output means that the goals needs to be maintained in a separate datastructure in order to disambiguate the result.

    For example: I am pathfinding in the simulator room. I have cached the positions adjacent to the energy using structures to solve this problem in general. However when I place my spawn adjacent to a source then my cache will have an ambiguous case. In that case the list of goals I have prepared needs to be iterated in order to disambiguate the output of

    My current plan is to merge all such entities into a superstructure or simply handle the edge case of very close goals separately.

  • Additional use-case:!/room/E76S1 adjacent sources.