Objects initialized outside of loop get constantly reset

  • Hello,


    I've only been playing/coding in this game for a couple hours (the last ~12h to be exact, it's really addicting - probably the end of all other games for me) so I'm not sure if this is actually a problem or not:

    My JavaScript VM seems to be periodically being reset ( I guess, because the console is showing my debug statement in the constructor over and over again, sometimes every few seconds, sometimes it takes a few minutes).
    This obviously occurs whenever I reload the code.
    I've also tested it with an empty main.js file and only a single console.log(...) line above the module exports. Same problem.

    I'm concerned about this because I do a lot of heavy lifting early and CPU shortly spikes every time the VM resets.

    Is this normal or not?

    Thanks for you help.


    Here are the files:

    This is my "ai.bundle.js" file (shortened, important stuff is there).

    class AI {

    constructor() {
    // ...
    console.log("# Startup - Done");

    configure() {
    // ...
    console.log("# Configure - Done");

    tick() {
    // ... do actual tick loop


    // ... tons of classes omitted for clarity ...

    var ai = new AI();

    // configure post construct
    ai.configure({ /* ... configuration parameters skipped */ });

    module.exports = ai;

    And this is the "main.js"

    var ai = require('ai.bundle');

    module.exports.loop = function () {

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    Ye it's all normal, everyone has it.

  • Thank you. Guess I'll have to cache some more results in Game.memory[...].