Arena leaderboard: ability to navigate to end of list or your position

  • If you want to view your position in the leaderboard or players around you, you struggle against the "infinite scroll" UI that slowly loads a few more entries into the list. There are no navigation buttons that could get you to say position 100, 200 etc.

    At the time of writing I am at position 450 ish in the list, but I lost the will to live before I could scroll that far down the leaderboard. So it would be a nice usability improvement to add some more means to move through the leaderboard.


  • The infinite scrolls works ok with mouse scroll wheel on my PC. I can move down through the list by spamming the scroll wheel although it's not particularly fast.

    It doesn't work very well on my laptop touchpad, using the scrollbars to progress down through the list.

    Page-down works throughout the part of the "infinity scroll list" that has been fetched. But pressing page down at the bottom of the list does not trigger a fetch of any more of the list.Page-up works fine - it takes you back through the list as expected.