thousands separators in market numbers

  • The prices of items in the market have increased over time, partly because new items have been introduced, and partly (I suspect) due to inflation caused by the introduction of npc orders for Deposit/Factory resources. Some items have extremely high credit prices, for example some 9-digit prices in the below screenshot. When there are this many digits in a number, it's very hard to understand the number at a glance.

    May I request the introduction of locale-appropriate separators to break up large numbers?

    This will make the market easier to use, more visually pleasing, and may avoid occasional errors when manually interacting with the market. 0_1707597594151_23852c22-fa8d-4d89-998c-e80c44e39ecc-image.png

  • It appears only to be the cpu unlock, pixels and access keys that have this problem.

    Everything below the top 3 seems to be fine.