How to detect TOMBSTONES with minerals

  • I have tried to make a code that looks for TOMBSTONES not have energy but have minerals. I haven't found a way. For dropped sources yes:

    Game.spawns["Spawn1"].room.find(FIND_DROPPED_RESOURCES, {filter: (x) => {return (x.resourceType != RESOURCE_ENERGY)}})

    But for TOMBSTONES non.

    If someone could help me to find TOMBSTONES with minerals I would greatly appreciate it.

  • TMB

    You may want to join the discord server and ask for help in the #world-help channel. There people can provide in-depth help easily 🙂

    Anyways to give you a brief answer, you'll want to use FIND_TOMBSTONES instead of FIND_DROPPED_RESOURCES. Then filter tombstones with store.* values matching what resources you want.