Screeps Observer (unofficial iOS client) now available for macOS

  • The title pretty much covers it.

    I've got an iOS client for Screeps called "Observer" that I work on from time to time as a pet project and a way of playing with new iOS APIs. It was already available on iOS via TestFlight but now it is available on macOS as well.

    It isn't perfect and is still a work in progress. The interface could use a lot of changes for the macOS version since it was originally designed just for iOS but I had some requests to make it available on macOS even in its current state since the official client has issues on M1 Macs.

    Anyway if you want to help test it, give feedback, or just check it out, you can use this TestFlight invite link:

    Feel free to come over to the #ios-observer channel in the Screeps Discord and ping me (@Helam) with questions or requests. Since discord isn't giving channel-specific notifications for large servers anymore I may not see your message in a timely manner if you don't @ me.

    Some of the current supported features:

    • Combined room/map viewing with map info and map stats
    • Public/PTR/Seasonal server support
    • Private server support
    • Profiles/leaderboards
    • Console with HTML and editable command history
    • Respawning
    • Room Visuals
    • Flags / flag interactions (create, edit, delete)
    • Create construction sites
    • Spawn invaders (and teams of invaders)
    • Other manual interactions (suicide creep, destroy structure, safe mode, etc.)
    • View list of all active nukes across all shards, with info about estimated time of impact, links to the player who launched it and the player who is targeted. Links to, and previews of, the launching room and the target room, and the ability to schedule an iOS notification to let you know when impact is soon (these notifications aren't super reliable though due to variable tick rates and the nature of estimating the time of impact)