Renew boosted Creeps

  • Hi! After reading ptr-changelog-2018-09-12-unboost I've still got some questions about that message in console:

    Using StructureSpawn.renewCreep on a boosted creep is deprecated and will throw an error soon. Please remove boosts using StructureLab.unboostCreep before renewing.

    When is soon 😄 Can this be silenced or somehow improved: include the creep in question or room or idk..
    .. and what exactly will happen if it will get changed?

    throw an error, as in try/catch or rather will it start returning a const ERR_...? (assuming latter)

    Currently I'm using this to renew catalyzed creeps as their penalty on the labs when unboosting is just ridiculously imba, so in case all my labs are busy will that mean those creeps will not be able to renew at all?

    Will there be another possibility to just discard the current boost?

    Thanks 🙂

  • YP

    Didn't calling renewCreep on a boosted creep already removes all boosts ?

    at least that's the documented behavior:

  • It does indeed, that's what I'm using it for 😄

    But it also does 'spam' the message above into console, warning us this will be changed, so that's essentially what I'm asking about...

    I'm fine with it being changed, but I'd like to know if the way I'm using it will be possible after the change.

    In case there won't be a way to renew boosted creeps at all, currently there is no way to just discard the boosts, those creeps would be stuck and I'd have to stop using them (in this way anyway)...