Best room yet

  • In my personal opinion, Shard3 E28S57 is the best room that I have been able to find, with 8 spots free to collect energy from, and no swamp at all. Check it out: E28S57 - Screeps

  • Also, don't blame me, I literally just respawned in this room.

  • It's a very good room to start in! It can give you a very good kickstart for early room development.

    Later on you'll also have to take neighbors & neighboring rooms into account for external harvesting.

    Or if your bot is fully automated like mine, it is not easy to select the best room in an automated way. Or to defend against the very strong players. There are also different playing styles to adopt which makes you either care more or less about rooms and their quality.

    When I first started out I spawned between Muon (overmind author) and Tigga (most infamous fully automated bot out there). I choose to respawn before the newbie walls came down..

    Half a year ago my bot was nicely settled in a nice quiet part of shard 0 when 'the langoleers' showed up and destroyed 80% of my bases. Had to resettle from shard 3.

    My bot did find a very good cluster of rooms on shard 2, but was thrown out by a more powerful player who is now mining it (more effectively then I was BTW).

    Long story short: Enjoy your great room but don't grow too attached too it. Later on you'll get bigger or other ambitions and/or will be attacked by more powerful players who like your room as well.

  • I found another good room, with 2 energy sources, 1 with 7 spots available for harvesting, the other with 2, both near each other with only small access into/out of the room. That room is Shard0 E31 N6

  • @tobyers Not sure if it was you that spawned into E31N6 about a week ago, but that room was not great and my bot cleaned it out pretty quick.

    When you are looking for good rooms. Try not to think too much on small Access points as they are no problem for an attacker to navigate. Think more about how you plan to grow and to do that you need Energy. So a more Ideal room is one with room to build in with 2 Sources with connecting rooms next door also with 2 energy sources in them all. That way you can expand into the neighboring rooms from your main base, pulling all the resources back to your main room.