Unfair ban

  • So. I haven't been playing for a year. All my spawns were destroyed by that time. Actually hardly I'd be coming back to the game, but today I received a message that my account is blocked for "- Use any bugs, flaws, and vulnerabilities to your benefit." Of which I have done nothing. During all my time playing I've found only one bug in the game itself which was immediately reported to @o4kapuk . During my conversation to @o4kapuk I figured out that one of my power creeps (created a year or more ago when I'd been still playing) was created with impossible stats. And there is a bug which allowed some people to create power creeps with impossible stats (I don't kno any details of the bug, because I personally haven't exploited it and wasn't even aware of it) Since it's been a year ago I don't remember much about that power creep and it's stats, but I'm certain that I've created it by clicking the buttons on the interface without being aware something is going not as it should. And of course without being aware of any bugs. Knowing that I come to a conclusion that either:

    There was a bug in the interface which I accidentally exploited and created a creep with impossible stats
    My creep somehow got updated due to some another bug within the last year.
    Maybe all of this is just a tricky way to get me back to the game. Cool idea and I'm flattered if so. 

    All this and me knowing that I definitely haven't exploited any bugs makes me to suspect that there were more people banned for no reason of for the reason to get them back to the game 😄 Anyway. Since this ban is unfair I demand @o4kapuk to figure out where is bug and where there isn't (wtf, screeps has more bugs than Cyberpunk 2077), lift the ban me immediately and apologize. If it's really #3 is the reason I should admit that before I've notices 3.5-6 seconds per tick on the shards I've started thinking of respawning in the game. If one day I see 1.5/2 seconds per tick at least at some shard I probably will do.

  • I need to say that I'm not really playing, so if I really exploited some bug I would sincerely confess instead of creating this fuss 😄

  • This post is deleted!