Screeps is ALMOST usable on android

  • (unless fully automated) Sometimes you need to help your creeps during vacation, away from your computer. Current screeps web interface almost works, the only two major things that don't are:

    • clicking on a field with more than one type of object (creep and road, for example) renders a little tooltip but that tooltip is then not clickable (Android, Chromium)
    • in the console you can't type anything because every other letter is "eaten" by something (autocomplete I guess?)

    Everything else seems to work fine. A minor bug that I spotted is that you can't switch between rooms with the popup buttons that appear in 4 sides of it, because those appear when you hover above them and on mobile there is no hover, but that's minor since you can just click World and pick a room.

  • I tried this previously on an Android phone and it just isn't possible. Even if the GUI worked better it's hard when the keyboard takes up the entire screen space. It's also a nightmare to try and navigate the code using a phone.

    I have had success using Screeps on a chromebook, works perfect. I know its not as portable as a phone but it's around the same size as a tablet and it runs android apps.

  • it's not about coding, but placing a construction site and doing basic stuff such as spawning a creep or setting memory