Allow rotation of visuals in style options

  • I think there should be away to rotate all visual elements (RoomVisual, and their children). Without it we have to do some black magic fuckery to achieve the same results which is not ideal. I don't really have a solid use case for this to be honest, however I think it would give us a lot more freedom with our visuals.

    My use case would be animating some visuals on the map. (ex. a swinging pick axe signifying a remote mine operating)

  • Right now I use map visuals to draw straight lines between rooms, showing certain activities. I annotate those lines with text (kinda like flag colour and flag text). It'd be great if I could rotate that text to align with my line - it'd look much cleaner.

    Rotation is often a property in 2D graphics libraries, don't know if that's the case here. If so it may be fairly easy to expose.