Unable to construct container in SK room

  • createConstructionSite is returning -14 (ERR_RCL_NOT_ENOUGH) attempting to construct a Container in an SK room


    Room: https://screeps.com/a/#!/room/shard1/E6S25

    Sample code to recreate issue:

    let containerPosition = new RoomPosition(33, 4, 'E6S25');
    console.log(room.name, '{buildMiningContainer} Constructing source container:', containerPosition);
    const status = containerPosition.createConstructionSite(STRUCTURE_CONTAINER);
    if (status !== OK) {
        console.log(room.name, '{buildMiningContainer} Unexpected status:', status);

  • @Donatzor pointed out that the container cap is being taken up by the stronghold that was destroyed (3 active containers) plus the 2 containers I have built in the room