Small graphics issue with outlines around text

  • The text for the display options Spawn-and-Creep names has a black outline with a large point size compared to the size of the text. This causes the pointy corners on the stroke shoot out above and below the text (look at 'M', 'W', '4', 'N', A', etc.) If the stroke were changed to have rounded corners (instead of pointy) this nuisance could be avoided. (Another fix would be to decrease the miter limit on the corners (if possible) or, just reduce the stroke size.) If anyone has a slow day, or needs a change of pace, you know. Sorry.

    If it's just me, I'm running the game predominantly through the steam client on MacOS. I also noticed the issue in Firefox.

  • You can lower the strokeWidth value and see if that helps. For RoomVisual.text() the default strokeWidth is 0.15. Does it look better if you lower the value to 0.1 or 0.07?

  • I'm talking about the "Show my names" text that you can enable with display options while looking at a room. Can you alter the way this text looks? It's atrocious. 0_1591039052550_Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 2.17.04 PM.png