Room.deserializePath(path) not a funtion

  • Has something happened to Room.deserializePath(path)?

    I get told its not a function when I try to use it.

  • Are you calling it on Room or on an object of type Room? deserializePath belongs to the Room type, not to the room objects themselves, so you'll use Room.deserializePath(path) instead of, say, Game.rooms.E59N1.deserializePath(path).

  • I don't know, but this pattern seems to align with other problems occurring lately, like missing "main" objects double globals etc.
    Something somewhere in the server infrastructure is going haywire, @artch @o4kapuk are on it but this seems to be something really elusive.

    I bet this is something that is so incredible dumb nobody would ever identify it as a problem 😑
    A typical rage debugging thing.
    I remember, I once wrote Sudoku solver which refused to work to the extend that I completely refactored the entire thing...
    Only to find a f-ing exit point early on that I set for testing so it dosn't load the entire thing 🙄

  • Ok I worked out what my problem was. I was calling deserializePath on a room object rather than the room. eg

    rather than


    Guess the documentation was too cleaver for me.