Selecting in View/Pan mode: roads are annoying

  • I'd like to have some kind of option to always select a creep or building-other-than-road when clicking on a field, so that the "select what you actually meant" menu has to pop up less often. Until then I'd be happy about a change to pop the menu towards the top if it would go past the bottom of the view (for example if i made the console panel very tall).

  • One alternative that just occured to me is that clicking on a field could immediately select the "highest priority" object there but still display the selection menu. That way, selecting the most common thing you're interested in is one click less, and selecting anything else is the same as before.

  • I too find this popup really annoying - I really wish they'd do something to improve the selection UI.

    I've made suggestions previously such as showing all objects of the selected tile in the right-hand menu, but the main issue with that is there are two very different things you might want to select - creeps, which move, and static objects, which don't. If you select a creep you want the selection to stick with it as it moves.

    Actually that's another thing that's annoying - if you want to select a creep as it moves you have to click on the tile it is moving to. If you click on the creep itself you often end up with a popup that just says "road" because the creep has moved away. The UI should really handle click events on the creeps themselves, not just tiles.

    Selecting the highest priority object sounds like a good idea, I guess the main question is how to make the optional menu clear enough but not get in the way. This could also solve the problem of ramparts - if I click on my storage I just want the storage, I rarely care about the rampart protecting it. If it selected the storage by default but had a menu where you could select the rampart with a second click that would be much better.

    I would suggest the priority should be:

    1. Creeps
    2. Structures
    3. Ramparts
    4. Roads

  • Yeah, having the menu populate in a set order like that would be way better. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked "Rampart" simply because it was on top, and I expected "Storage" or "Terminal" to be on top.

    The other thing I find even MORE annoying is if you click on a FLAG, then click view memory (I use flags a lot as creep generators for special purposes.) Then... you're editing away... and if you select anything else... it dumps the flag you were editing from the memory viewer. Oops! Now I have to go back there, reopen it, then redo all the edits because I wanted wanted to add (For example) the id of a rampart I wanted that creep generator to kill. There's no apparent reason for this. It's just annoying.