construction site (terminal) was broken by enemy creep when move trough him

  • body of enemy was only MOVE 0_1572486563297_c4ee30a2-ad78-4c83-95f7-74a8eb6fe5b3-image.png 0_1572486653406_75522e3c-42e3-4043-b98f-91e737c8aaca-image.png

  • Construction site 'stomping' is standard behaviour.

    "You can remove enemy construction sites by moving a creep on it." - Construction Site Documentation

    I noticed you have towers that won't firing on the enemy creep. Are they an ally, or were you just ignoring it since it didn't have any attack parts?

    If they're an ally, you may wish to ask them to first check if there's an allies construction site where they plan to move, or add it as an impassable position if they use a custom cost matrix with their path finding.

    If you were just ignoring it because it had no attack parts, note that some player purposely program their creeps (especially scouts made from a single MOVE part) to 'stomp' enemy construction sites, so you should still be wary of them.

  • Indeed this is the intended behaviour, and the only way to remove unwanted construction sites that are not your own. To prevent such site stomping you can build a rampart first around the place you're going to build a more expensive structure at.

  • Thanks for you replies, i was dont know about this feature... scout come to me when i was rewrite code for towers 😃