Problems with steam private server performance

  • So when running the private server via steam, I seem to have massive performance issues. They start from as little as five minutes in already.

    The first notable effect is that the the private server starts becoming sluggish and kindof 'hangs' for a few seconds from time to time. This only gets worse and worse the longer it runs. At an hour or so it basically becomes unusable.

    I am running the private server via the steam game client.

    I am using windows 7 64bit, with plenty of ssd hard drive space.

    Also my pc has 16gb of ram, so I doubt its a spec issue.

    I have noticed that during the private server issues, my IDE (webstorm) becomes extremely unresponsive (something that never happens on its own for me).

    Also just for being thourough I will mention that the scripts folder my ide has open is not the same one that gets synced to the local server, so there cant be any direct clash there.

    Is this a known issue?

    If not, is there anything I should be checking, any information I should provide here?

    I have not had a chance to test other scenarios yet, like a different PC, running no IDE, running the npm version instead, etc.

    In my GUI console I have also seen this error occurring from time to time:

    Script execution timed out ungracefully, restarting virtual machine

    I can confirm with further testing that despite the weird effect the private server seem to have on my IDE, shutting down the IDE does not solve the private servers sluggishness and slow downs, even when run like that from the start.

  • To summarize, yes the stock private server sucks, it just spirals down to horrible performance relatively quickly. You may have more luck with a private server running the mongodb storage engine, although for me personally those always tend to flake out before being able to grown an interesting environment to test in. I pretty much gave up, I just dev on 'production' 🙂