Steam client blocked at high school

  • Hello, I teach programming at a high school in Ohio. I want to use Screeps to teach javascript. I installed a private server on a Linux box and can connect to it with no problem (at my house).

    Here is my question: Steam is blocked at my school (for obvious reasons). Will my students be able to log into the game through their Steam client without having internet access to Steam on the internet? If not, then we're dead in the water.

    BTW, we had the same issue with Minecraft last year and got around it by hand-loading an older version of java and connecting to our in-room server.

    Thanks, Tom Townsend FHS Comp Sci

  • Do you mean to the main server or to a private server? I know you don't have to use steam to access the main server as you can log-in / play via a browser. However I don't know if the private server can be run w/o steam internet access.

    @o4kapuk ?

  • Unfortunately you need the steam service for authentication, so steam cl won't work.
    That said, all you need is a client. I think there should be already some third-party projects on this like the 3d cl.
    But I have no idea how far those progressed and if they are a viable alternative.

    That leaves you with the following options:

    • Looking for an third-party cl
    • Writing you own third-party cl with your class <- could be fun too
    • Opening the official cl from the website and try to sideload your server instead of the official. (Proxy magic)
    • Convincing the devs to release a docker with a hosted cl for educational purposes (staring at @artch )