empty code and memory but still getting errors

  • Hi, i removed all code and cleared all memory and still getting this error. Can someone explain 😞 how is it even possible

    [00:54:21][shard0]TypeError: Cannot read property 'W16S78' of undefined
        at eval (eval at  (_console1559084082975_0:1:46), :1:16)
        at _console1559084082975_0:1:46
        at _console1559084082975_0:1:60
        at Object.exports.evalCode (:15956:71)
        at Object.exports.run (:30492:41)

  • I suspect that your client and the code you see there is out of sync with what is actually on the server. Try to restart your client. Log on using your browser or do something that can force an update.

  • CoPS

    You might still have some code / memory on shard0, when you only cleared / checked another shard?

  • i ended up respawning from scratch cause nothing worked to fix after respawn no more problem