Misprint API doc (ConstructionSite)

  • https://docs.screeps.com/api/#ConstructionSite

    A site of a structure which is currently under construction. A construction site can be created using the 'Construct' button at the left of the game field or the Room.createConstructionSite method.

    Shouldn't it be "at the right" (or even "at the top") ?

  • Hey, just wanted to let you know, the docs are open source, and you can make a PR to this specific page here... https://github.com/screeps/docs/blob/master/api/source/ConstructionSite.md

  • @semperrabbit hm, i thought there are people getting paid from us to maintain this game 🤔

  • @GimmeCookies I'm sure there is a lot of sarcasm there, but lets be clear.

    I'm paying for Screeps MMO. Screeps Inc (or whatever) gets my respect for open sourcing the private server with a permissive licence and keeping it up to date. Part of the value proposition is that they also maintain the opensource, however I am not paying for the opensource repos. Further to the point, the more we as a community can drive the opensource the more it becomes defacto ours.

    If Screeps Inc ever becomes non-viable (like if Artem boards a rocket headed to Mars), the repos will remain. If we ever loose access to screeps/* repos, I vote ags131's forks become the preferred upstream. At that point I'd encourage everyone to join @ags131 's patreon. Then I would be paying for the opensource.

    In case it wasn't clear, I am really happy with Screeps Inc's handling of the opensource. I don't need anything more. I wish we had more, but I also wish that Screeps was as huge as EveOnline and a core part of every highschool's compsci curriculum, and that Artem turned into some fat CEO behind a desk managing a hundred person team wondering if he'll ever have time to get back to the code.


  • To add to this, if there's a choice between spending developer time implementing a feature I really want such as the MapVisuals proposal, and correcting minor errors in the documentation, I would rather that it was spent on the feature or a bug fix.

    I've previously submitted PRs to correct errors in the docs, because once I noticed the error, it would took me a few minutes to submit a PR. If I reported a documentation bug in the forum, then that would instantly add at least an hour of admin overhead to getting the issue fixed, and that's if the documentation bug even got anywhere near the top of the priority list.