DISRUPT_TOWER too short range

  • Three tiles is not really enough to be in range of any towers in most rooms. Especially now that people know it's three tiles and can design rooms around that. If you look at Overmind bunkers, for example, no towers are vulnverable. In general it's pretty easy to design a base where you get good tower coverage and no towers can be reached by this power.

    IMO range should be buffed to something closer to DISRUPT_SPAWN. Without that I'm not sure there's any point in taking the ability. Sure, once you've knocked down a few ramparts maybe you can disrupt one or two towers, but compared to the OPERATE_TOWER power which can be used to boost tower damage to 900 it's basically not in the game.

  • Dev Team

    It's a typo. Copy-pasted from another power and forgot to change. Should have been entire room range. Thanks for reporting, fixed.

  • Awesome, thanks for the quick update 😄

  • This is not fixed on the main server. POWER_INFO[PWR_DISRUPT_TOWER].range is 3. You get a -9 error when attempting to use it outside of range 3

  • Dev Team

    Right, sorry. It was commited, but the build failed on some older nodes. Should be stable now.

  • Thanks 🙂