My Side Panel is gone.

  • I accidentally closed my side panel and I can't open it no matter what I do. Help? I have a task that I cannot execute through my console or script and this task is really important.

  • Button on lower right will you push. Open side panel it will.

    Remember, the force will be with you, always. just so long as you don't close the side panel.

  • That is the problem, master, I cannot push the button. Wise you are, but I need another piece of advice.

  • Oh, ok. Now it worked. Thank you, master. May the Force always be with you.

  • The tooltip that pop up when I hover over the button covers almost all of it. It gets in the way of the click and cause the button-hover-event to deactivate. This creates an annoying flickering where the tooltip comes and go.

    There is a small stip on the bottom of the button where you can point without getting the tooltip in the way.

    It would be nice if the tooltip could be moved away from the button itself. The tooltip is basically anchored on the wrong side of the button.

  • Try resizing/zooming the site as a workaround.