Syncing ingame script with github

  • TMB

    I created a github repository here here :
    I have initialized the repository with a slightly different script from my current ingame script; then set my settings as such :

    I've clicked sync several times with no error, tried unlinking and re-linking my github account. I'd believe I did everything I needed to do, and yet my ingame script remain unchanged, it also still has my old branches despite the repo not having any branch other than master.

  • TMB

    I think might it actually work, but hen it doesn't work as I expected at all.

    The 'master' branch on githubgot mapped to the 'default' branch on Screeps (and not to 'master' as I expected), and... that's it, other branches aren't synced at all.

    I guess it's fair that Screeps doesn't prune branches that are not present on github, but is there really no way to pull more than one branch branch from github? I actively use an 'unstable' as main branch for developpement, and 'stable' branch as a backup. At the very least is it possible to pull both a 'default' and a 'sim' from github ?

    (By the way is there any documentation on how Screeps interact with github ? I didn't find any, and things don't seem to match on a 1:1 ratio.)

  • TMB

    I'll take it as a "this is how it works" and make a feature request of it instead.

    I'll mark the issue as solved since I got something working.