UI suggestion for the Memory tab.

  • I use the Memory tab in the UI a lot. There are probably third party replacements for it (Like there are for the console.) but I still use the in game one.

    Here are my suggestions to improve it:

    One: Add a button to clear all memory watch paths. Of course, it wouldn't clear the memory root one.

    Two: Add a list of previously entered memory watch paths, like in the console tab. That way, I can, for example, enter "rooms.W59S18" to see the room's memory, then if I want to change, say, the "structures" object without touching the rest of the room's memory, use up arrow to pull "rooms.W59S18" from the list, and just add ".structures" to the end.

    These simple fixes would make it a LOT easier to use the tool.


  • On the topic of the memory viewer, inter-shard segment isn't viewable in the segments tab.