Alliance Creation Errors!

  • TMB

    I have recently created the alliance To Much Bacon Alliance, but am facing some errors:

    I am unable to add a slack shortcut, change the abbreviation / the alliances name, or anything else involving the save button. When I attempt to save, I am met with the error "500 something may be on fire". It has been like this for nearly a month. I am however able to submit certain things, such as the alliance logo, inviting new users, and the Charter.

    Via Alliance Index, at least for myself, you cannot view the alliance. It gives you the error "404 page not found".

    Please help with whatever is going on here, as I would love to edit my alliance to my liking to begin recruiting new members. Thanks!

  • TMB

    I was able to set our abbreviation and slack channel just fine.
    Did you write anything into the charter yet ? It's still blank to me.

  • TMB

    Hmm ok. That's interesting.

  • Hey, just a heads up, alliances have nothing to do with the actual game. LoAN and the concept of alliances was created by the community and is not recognized in-game. the best bet for support would be hopping in the #loan channel in the slack.