Screeps, guía en español (Spanish Screeps Guide)

  • He decidido hacer una Guía en castellano para Screeps, pensando en los no iniciados en el juego y en especial en aquellos que no tengan acceso a la vasta cantidad información disponible en inglés. Dejo el enlace aquí y animo a cualquiera que lo desee a participar en ella.

    (I decided to write a guide to Screeps in spanish, thinking of people who don't know Screeps or are just starting to play. I know how hard is to find helpful information for Screeps unless you have a good level of english)


  • Actually, this is a great idea. @artch @o4kapuk have yall considered hiring translators to maintain the docs in other languages? There might be players (like @Calfa) that might be willing to do it for sub tokens. Just an idea. It would expand the player base into non-english speakers too.


  • It would be a pleasure for me to do that. I like translating.

    This guide i did was just a bunch of relevant information i thought would be useful to know for anyone thinking about buying Screeps, and also for anyone wondering how to play. However, to do a proper "official" guide i should be given a bunch of texts to translate.

    A good idea would be to also translate the official docs web, which is a lot of stuff but still it'd be a pleasure.

    Count on me if you devs want to do it.