Confirmation of Overwrite on Large Push

  • TLDR: When a disproportionately large part of an existing branch is being changed (say, 50% or more), add a popup saying "Are you sure you want to do this?", complete with a notification that you're overwriting a crapton of your code.

    Now in detail- I, as well as several others, have had issues with the browser deleting code. I had my entire codebase get wiped a couple years ago, and it seems to be a regular thing on slack for someone to say that their code either was mass deleted by accident to to sim or the tutorial changing branches without saying anything, or to have an issue with having a browser tab for console output overwrite a browser tab for code editing, and so on.

    I'm not even necessarily saying it isn't user error, I'm just saying a bit of idiotproofing would go a long way to help. Having the ability to see a diff and choosing what to keep (or to cancel all changes) would just be gravy.

  • I had a presentation about Screeps and opened the tutorial which opened a new branch in my code...I decided to open a new tab to show them my existing code for comparison and it just switched branches I opened the wrong tap, copied the tutorial code...and bam

    Everything lost during the presentation....