Steam Client crashes private server / non-official server

  • Hi, my code /the client runs fine on official server while beeing logged in with the steam client. Everytime i upload the code/ change something in client, switch branch and sometimes without action, the Client crashes without error when beeing logged in into a private server (started with steam) or on other servers like botarena. Especially for testing/bugfixing on private server on my machine that is nerfing, because to restart client, i have to shut down the server (else steam throws an error).

    I would like to contribute with more information, are there start-options for the client /crashlogs i can supply ?

  • I just encountered this also (client crashed on each code save on private servers), for others searching this topic it was fixed for me after i deleted my "C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Screeps\User Data" folder.