When there is an error in mods.json screeps server carries on anyway causing havoc.

  • From engine_main.log

    Cannot open "/home/screeps/world/mods.json": SyntaxError: /home/screeps/world/mods.json: Unexpected token , in JSON at position 583 Connecting to storage Game time set to 2

    On the botarena server we had a problem where mods.json failed to parse and rather than exiting, screeps server carried on without any mods. As one of the mods was screepsmod-mongo this meant that it used the default storage effectively resetting the server.

    As mods.json is so critical to the running of the server I really think the server shouldnt attempt to continue if it cant load mods.json.

  • Dev Team

    Would you mind making a PR?

  • I doubt I will get around to creating a PR any time soon as I know the private server code very well and have many other projects that are progressing slowly.

    So if anyone else wants to put a PR in for this, feel free.