I broke the game!

  • I broke a room. Shard 2 W22N7. Current tick is 4224470. It has been broken for a little bit and is still broken. The room is currently in safe mode but will not be soon.

    Creeps cannot take action. Creeps appear to be upgrading the controller but not actually using any energy.

    A creep is 1 tick away from spawning but will not finish spawning.

    I can call .move and .say on my creeps in the room and they return OK but nothing happens.

    My theory is that there is a bug with the new .spawnCreep and Spawning features when a spawn is completely surrounded, and perhaps only in safe mode.

    This could be exploited if it is reproducible.

    There is room history right up until the tick where it broke. This also happens to be the very same tick when the spawning creep would have spawned.

    See: https://screeps.com/a/#!/history/shard2/W22N7?t=4224212

    EDIT: Also worth noting that time still passes in the room.

    ticksToLive still decreases.

    Room visuals still work.

    Pathfinding is still taking place.

    It just seems like the intents themselves are not going through or something.

    EDIT: The room is no longer in safe mode and the broken state still persists.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I suicided one of my creeps that was surrounding the spawn and the room resumed working.

    So its definitely a bug with surrounding the spawn.

  • Dev Team

    Thanks for reporting, fixed in this commit.